About the California Statewide Energy Gateway

This gateway brings together energy planning related information and applications across California, and serves as a launchpad for accessing additional gateways and applications for specific planning processes.

Energy Related Applications

  • California Climate Console

    The climate console is a web application designed for exploring climate change projections for a selected area of interest.

  • California Energy Infrastructure Planning Analyst

    California Energy Infrastructure Planning Analyst was created by the Conservation Biology Institute for the California Energy Commission to assist with planning energy development throughout the state to improve planning efficiency and to avoid environmental risks based on the best available spatial datasets.

  • Distributed Generation Screening Tool

    The Distributed Generation Screening Tool includes environmental and DG PV GIS layers to help identify DG PV development locations that pass multiple user-selected screens.

Energy Related Gateways

  • Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Gateway

    The DRECP Gateway was created to support final development of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. It will be used to engage and inform all interested parties about ongoing planning and management issues in the California desert.

  • California Offshore Wind Energy

    The Offshore Renewable Wind Energy Gateway assembles geospatial information on ocean wind resources, ecological and natural resources, ocean commercial and recreational uses and community values. This information will help identify areas off of California that are potentially suitable for wind energy generation.

  • San Joaquin Valley Gateway

    The San Joaquin Valley Gateway provides a regional tool to help planners and resource managers develop and implement integrated multiple-benefit solutions for long-term environmental and economic sustainability. The Gateway also showcases programs and projects that have used this information resource to address resource conflicts in the Valley.

  • Renewable Energy Transmission 2.0 Gateway

    The Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) 2.0 Gateway supports the public process of identifying potential transmission that could access and integrate renewable energy with the most environmental, economic, and community benefits.